Who we are...

Fair-Mark is a multinational company founded in Zimbabwe that supports food and agriculture industries in meeting compliance and responsible sourcing requirements for international markets.

Learn more about standards for production, post harvest, handling and value addition, traceability and environment. Standards serve as a practical manual for good production, and competitive access to global markets.

Meet the Expert

Fair-Mark also employs associate experts in various disciplines of food safety and
social responsibility, for compliance with international standards.

Our Approach

Our Vision

To continue providing services in capacity development in market requirements, regulations, and standards. To reach out to food producers, handlers, processors and manufacturers, small, medium and large.

Our Creed

We believe in playing our part in the growth of development of the African countries by imparting knowledge and allowing access to international markets.

Working with a company that has experience and first-hand knowledge of Private Voluntary Standards and information on latest developments, simplifies your audit preparation and understanding of the standards. We can help you get certified with:

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